About our Chapter

Vista Irvine was founded in 1998 to serve the Irvine and surrounding communities. Since its inception, our Chapter has attracted welcoming, dynamic, committed Mothers and Daughters. We offer a unique NCL Experience by focusing our service efforts on a variety of local philanthropies and by providing unique Ticktocker leadership opportunities.

About our Patronesses

Our Patronesses represent the diversity found in the Irvine and surrounding communities. They are skilled volunteers and working professionals who are united in their desire to bond with their Daughters and launch them as independent, engaged women capable of making a difference in their families and their communities. Each Patroness serves both the Chapter and her Daughter’s Ticktocker Class. The NCL Experience provides leadership development and social opportunities for Mothers as well as Daughters.

About our Ticktockers

All Ticktocker classes follow the 6-year NCL Experience plan, ensuring participation each year in service, leadership, cultural and education programs. This programming, in addition to regular monthly meetings, provide opportunities for classes to connect and bond. A highlight of their time together is their Junior year Fashion Show, an event that is also eagerly anticipated by the younger Ticktocker classes, who glimpse their future and the excitement that awaits them. Our Ticktockers’ NCL Experience culminates at Senior Presents, a time-honored NCL tradition that celebrates their accomplishments and the fine young women they have become.

Our Chapter made NCL history when we established the Ticktocker Chair opportunities that enable select young women to plan and lead four of our Chapters largest philanthropy efforts for the year. Ticktockers chair our Families Forward Food Drive, UCI Childlife Sewing Bee, UCI Childlife Holiday Party, and our participation at the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.

Additionally, our Ticktocker Council convenes Ticktocker representatives from each class. They plan an annual all-class Ticktocker event and represent the Ticktocker perspective to our Board of Directors when requested.