Jennifer Gale

2018-2019 VINCL President




1) Where were you born?

Boston, Massachusetts

2) What graduating year are your daughter(s)?

One daughter, Lizzy, graduating 2020

3) Favorite Color / Food / Sport / Animal?

Blue / Italian / Baseball – GO RED SOX! / My dog, Cupcake.

4) Favorite Philanthropy? And why?

My favorite philanthropy is the UCI Childlife Sewing Bee for a few reasons: I love being together with the whole chapter (Patronesses and Ticktockers), I love seeing the older Ticktockers teaching the younger Ticktockers to sew, and when my daughter was 5 years old she spent a few days in the hospital and was able to pick out a pillowcase. I know how special that can be to a child.

5) Best experience of Vista Irvine NCL so far?

I have to say I had the most fun at the Fashion Show this year.  My daughter was in it, and my son was able to participate as a male model.  It was such a fun experience!

6) What advice would you give to a new prospective Patroness considering joining Vista Irvine NCL?

Enjoy it all!  I know there are Patronesses that join for one particular reason or another, but I would say to keep an open mind and enjoy all aspects!  We have the 3 pillars for a reason, also the Mother Daughter Tea, The Fashion Show, and the Senior Recognition are all lovely events.  I would highly suggest embracing it all.  There is joy and graciousness to be learned in all aspects of the NCL experience.

7) Favorite inspirational quote or saying?

“In all things, give thanks.”